The Cocktails Must FlowCocktail Recipes
Green Chartreuse MartiniBy The Cocktails Must FlowA herbal martini combining dry gin, dry vermouth and Green Chartreuse.
CampbeltownBy The Cocktails Must FlowA bold, deep-flavoured cocktail from the Bramble Bar & Lounge in Edinburgh. One of a small number of whisky-based cocktails.
The Last WordBy The Cocktails Must FlowThe Last Word is a gin-based Prohibition-era cocktail originally developed at the Detroit Athletic Club, but eventually fell out of favour.
BijouBy The Cocktails Must FlowA variation of the Classic Bijou with proportions meant to closer match modern tastes.
Union JackBy The Cocktails Must FlowThe Union Jack layers grenadine, Maraschino cherry liqueur and Green Chartreuse.
Classic BijouBy The Cocktails Must FlowThe Bijou was invented by Harry Johnson, "the father of professional bartending", who called it bijou because it combined the colors of three jewels: gin for diamond, vermouth for ruby, and chartreuse for emerald.
TipperaryBy The Cocktails Must FlowThe Tipperary is named after an Irish county.
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The Cocktails Must FlowCocktail Recipes