The Cocktails Must FlowAbout The Cocktails Must Flow

This site was created as a repository for the cocktails on the #FridatNightCocktails hashtag on Twitter.

Each Friday night at 1900 UK time, we aim to post three cocktails over the next three hours; so far we’ve been consist in doing this. The aim is to post new cocktails every week without repeating any, which again we’ve been able to do so far.

We also pick up some special occasions or World/International Drink “X” Days.

There are two key people behind this website; neither of us have any experience in working in bars or in any field related to alcohol. Instead think of us as enthusiastic amateurs who are enjoying exploring the varieties of cocktails available.

Sebastian started the whole thing off and then roped Ian in to help setup and operate the website.

Both are big fans of Frank Herbert’s Dune from where an amended saying became the name of the site. In the book, the phrase “the spice must flow” is used; one word was changed for the site name to become The Cocktails Must Flow.

The Cocktails Must FlowAbout The Cocktails Must Flow