The Cocktails Must FlowCocktail Recipes
Tequila & Ginger AleBy The Cocktails Must FlowA simple and surprisingly tasty cocktail using reposado tequila and ginger ale.
Aperol NegroniBy The Cocktails Must FlowA Negroni variant which replaces Campari with Aperol for a less herbaceous and more orange cocktail.
De La LouisianeBy The Cocktails Must FlowA classic cocktail from New Orleans. It was included in Stanley Clisby Arthur's book Famous New Orleans Drinks and How to Mix 'Em (1937)
Suze and TonicBy The Cocktails Must FlowA simple low-ABV alternative for the traditional English Gin & Tonic, which replaces the juniper of gin with the gentian of Suze, from Session Cocktails: Low-alcohol drinks for any occasion (2018) by Drew Lazor and Editors of PUNCH.
BelafonteBy The Cocktails Must FlowCreated by Cas Oh in 2014 and was named after the boat in The Life Aquatic with Steve Zizzou (2004).
Peach & Apricot SpritzBy The Cocktails Must FlowA bright peach and apricot spritz created in 2013 by Simon Difford.
Apricot RoyaleBy The Cocktails Must FlowA simple combination of apricot brandy and prosecco.
Negroni BiancoBy The Cocktails Must FlowAn intriguing Negroni variant whic is less bitter and dry than the original, made possible by the launch of Luxardo Bitter Bianco liqueur in 2016.
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The Cocktails Must FlowCocktail Recipes