2nd #cocktail of #FridayNightCocktails on the 29th April: Old Fashioned

An old-fashioned was one of the simpler and earlier versions of cocktails, before the development of advanced bartending techniques and recipes in the later part of the 19th century.

The old fashioned is the cocktail of choice of Don Draper, the lead character on the Mad Men television series, set in the 1960s.[20] The use of the drink in the series coincided with a renewed interest in this and other classic cocktails in the 2000s.

It was also the basis of an oft-quoted line from the movie It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World, when boozy pilot Jim Backus decides to make the cocktail and leaves passenger Buddy Hackett to fly the plane. When Rooney asks, “What if something happens?”, Backus replies, “What could happen to an old-fashioned?” This scene is satirized in Archer season 3 episode 1 (“Heart of Archness”) when Sterling Archer attempts to make an old fashioned on Rip Riley’s seaplane but lacks the basic ingredients.

Old Fashioned (cocktail) – from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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