How Long Does Vermouth Keep

In this series of posts, we’re going to take a look at how long different spirits keep. In this post, we’re looking at vermouth, of which there are two types.

However, before we get to the types, a little on what vermouth is and how to store it.

Vermouth is basically a form of fortified wine, which means the shelf life, especially when open, is much better than an ordinary wine. That said, you should keep vermouth the same way as you do a wine.

When storing an unopened bottle you should store it in a cool, dark place away from sunlight and any sources of heat. Once the bottle has been opened, use the original cap to seal the bottle and, once open, store it in the fridge (as you would any other wine).

Storing it in the fridge will prolong the life; a bottle of vermouth stored outside of the fridge will deteriorate a lot faster.

An unopened bottle of vermouth will, stored as described above, last three to four years. If the bottle has a best before date, you can add a couple or so years to this date.

Once opened, the duration you can store the vermouth and it retain its flavour and good quality will depend on the type of vermouth.

The first type of vermouth is dry vermouth which can be kept in the fridge for between three and four weeks.

The second type of vermouth is sweet vermouth which is generally more fruity than dry vermouth and will retain flavour and good quality for between six and eight weeks.

Do bear in mind that the above are estimates based on quality of original spirit and how well the vermouth is stored. Also, the above is for best quality; vermouth will remain drinkable for a time over these estimates in declining quality.

Vermouth generally doesn’t go bad per se, but it can. If you notice ant off odours, or signs of mould or other contaminants in the bottle, it should be discarded.

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How Long Does Vermouth Keep

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