The Cocktails Must FlowCocktail Recipes
WeeskiBy The Cocktails Must FlowCreated by David Wondrich in 2014 in Brooklyn, New York City, USA. Originally made as a last minute "panic" drink, he named it "Weeski" as he thought it tasted like whiskey would if it were French and sounds like how they say "whiskey".
DublinerBy The Cocktails Must FlowA Manhattan variant but with the addition of orange bitters and Grand Marnier, which gives the drink a subtle orange flavor; created by Gary 'Gaz' Regan in New York, USA, in 1999.
Irish Old FashionedBy The Cocktails Must FlowAn Old Fashioned variant created by Jack McGarry, which uses Irish whiskey (specifically Jameson Black Barrel Irish Whiskey).
Irish MaidBy The Cocktails Must FlowA variant of the Kentucky Maid which replaces Kentucky bourbon with Irish whiskey, and muddled lemon wedges with muddled cucumber slices. Along with the elderflower liqueur, this makes for a floral and refreshing drink.
Green Tea ShotBy The Cocktails Must FlowAn easy to make shooter which uses to actual tea; it's name comes instead from the colour which looks similar to chilled green tea.
Irish BuckBy The Cocktails Must FlowA simple, delicious and refreshing cocktail combining ginger ale and Irish whiskey.
Dirty BastardBy The Cocktails Must FlowA tasty cocktail using Irish whiskey and ginger beer which is best served in a copper mug.
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The Cocktails Must FlowCocktail Recipes