The Cocktails Must FlowCocktail Recipes
Peach & Apricot SpritzBy The Cocktails Must FlowA bright peach and apricot spritz created in 2013 by Simon Difford.
AmericanoBy The Cocktails Must FlowThe Americano was first served at Gaspare Campari’s bar in Milan, Italy, in the 1860s; the name is thought to stem from it's popularity with American tourists.. We've previously posted the Milano Torino and described it as a precursor to the Negroni, but the Americano came between the two of them, where it is reputed the Count Camillo Negroni asked for the soda water in the Americano be replaced with gin.
Brandy DaisyBy The Cocktails Must FlowThe Brandy Daisy is a classic coktail dating back to the mid/late 1800s; this version is the oldest known version from "Professor" Jerry Thomas.
Green GoddessBy The Cocktails Must FlowCreated at a now-closed South Africa fusion restaurant, Peri Peri, in Houston, Texas, USA, it's a fresh and floral combination of kiwi, elderflower, lime, soda and dry gin.
Kiwi MojitoBy The Cocktails Must FlowA refreshing mojito made with kiwi fruit, agave nectar, rum and soda water.
Aperol & GinBy The Cocktails Must FlowA simple aperol and gin cocktail
The Cocktails Must FlowCocktail Recipes