The Cocktails Must FlowCocktail Recipes
El PresidenteBy The Cocktails Must FlowThe El Presidente cocktail is a Cuban alcoholic drink made of rum, orange curaçao, white vermouth, and grenadine.
Old GalBy The Cocktails Must FlowCreated by Phil Ward at Long Island Bar, Brooklyn, New York City, USA, it is a variant of the Old Pal, which in turn is a 1920s variant of the Negroni.
FabiolaBy The Cocktails Must FlowA Metropolitan variant which replaces the sweet vermouth with a white vermouth and adds the orange and brandy liqueur Grand Marnier, which elevates this cocktail to a different level.
Old PalBy The Cocktails Must FlowA 1920s variant of the Boulevardier from Harry McElhone which uses rye whiskey.
Arsenic & Old LaceBy The Cocktails Must FlowNamed after a 1939 play by Joseph Kesselring which opened in January 1941 and was later made into a movie of the same name starring Cary Grant (1944).
The Cocktails Must FlowCocktail Recipes