Ingredient List for the #FridayNightCocktails on the 25th August

We tried giving ingredients lists a while back, but no-one seemed to be using them so we stopped. Following a twitter discussion last week, we’ll try posting them for the next few weeks and see how it goes.

The intention is to allow people to purchase the ingredients in advance of Friday night so they can make the cocktails we post each one. We’ve not broken it down by cocktail; this is a list of all ingredients for all three cocktails combined, but split out by type.

Below are lists of the ingredients used as well as some suggestions on Amazon, although in most cases the particular brand isn’t very important.

I would say for the Irish whiskey that you’d be better this week with a gentler Irish whiskey (such as the Jameson’s Black Barrel we suggest, Powers Gold or Bushmills) than our usual pick for cocktails, Roe & Co., which has a stronger flavour profile designed for use in cocktails, but this evenings cocktail doesn’t require that level of robustness in the whiskey.


Irish Whiskey
London Dry Gin
Triple Sec
Lillet Blanc
Dry Vermouth



Orange Bitters



Honey Syrup (3:1 Honey:Water)


Other Ingredients

Earl Grey Loose Leaf Tea



Lemon twist
Pink grapefruit twist

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